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As an artist , I explore image worlds between reality and fiction, academic tradition and popular culture. I use different media, with a particular focus on oil painting from the outset. In my paintings a variety of everyday objects come together , such as excepts from magazines, withered flower bouquets or toy action figures, which, however, have no narrative connection.

For a long time, the concept of beauty has occupied me, reflected in flawless faces and bright colors , but repeatedly interrupted by a melancholy that points to the transience of the outer appearance. A reflection of contemporary issues , filtered through my personal experience and enriched by a diverse repertoire of art history viewing habits, describes my concern for my current artistic work.

Always being on the lookout to incorporate the unforeseeable, and finding expression for emotions on the canvas that cannot be replaced by words, makes the creative process so challenging and unique.

Myriam Quiel, 2023


freelance artist since 2004

Education and Work Experiences

since 2018   Employee as  Louis Vuitton-Painter, Frankfurt a. M.,Germany

2018             Co-Founder of @MQ projects, Louisen-Arkaden, Bad Homburg,


2013/14       Employee at the Library of the Deutsche Botschaftsschule, Tehran,                        Iran

1998-2003   Studies of Art at the Art Academy Dresden in the class of Hans-                            Peter Adamski, HfBK Desden, Germany

1996-1998    Studies Art History and Theatre Sciences, Freie                                                         Universität Berlin, Germany

1994-1996    Assistent of Stage Design and Costume Image, Staatstheater am                           Goetheplatz, Bremen, Germany

Solo Exhibitions

2018            @MQ projects, contemporaray art project, Bad Homburg, Germany

                     Hotel Steigenberger, project in corporation with @MQ projects, Bad                       Homburg, Germany

2017            Myriam Quiel- Painting, Gallery Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a.                         M., Germany

2016            Still Life, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013            Pin-Up, Gallery Munikat, München, Germany

2012            Neverendingstory, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011            Myriam Quiel-Painting, Gallery Lake, Oldenburg, Germany

2010            Myriam Quiel-Painting, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009             Myriam Quiel-Painting, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

2008             Myriam Quiel-Painting, Kunstverein Bremerhaven, Germany

2007             Wohnzimmerkrieg, Gallery Dörrie&Priess, Berlin, Germany

                      Myriam Quiel-Painting, City Museum Oldenburg, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018            Kultour, Taunussparkasse, Bad Homburg, Germany

2016            Iran x Cuba, Rouge Space Gallery, New York, USA

2015            Tehran- Virtualorreal, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

                     Mapping Within, The Mine Contemporary Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2013             Magic Of Persia, Christie`s auction, London

2012             Finale Encore, Private Place, Tehran, Iran

2011             Swimming Pool, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010             12 Cubed, Aun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009             Magic Of Persia, Christie`s auction, Dubai, UAE

2008             Impulse 20, Gallery Löhrl, Mönchengladbach, Germany

2007             Magic Of Persia, Christie`s auction, Dubai, UAE

2006             Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen, Gallery Dörrie&Priess, Hamburg,                            Germany

2005             The Portrait, Stiftung Starke, Berlin, Germany

2004             HfBK Dresden - AVU Prag, Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Gallery,                                    Regensburg, Germany

Honours and Art Prices

2007             Art Price of the Public Insurance Company, Oldenburg, Germany

2003             Honour for the best Graduation (Diplom) , HfBK Dresden, Germany

Art Fairs

2017            Art Zurich, Gallery Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

2010           Istanbul Art Fair, Gallery Etemad, Tehran, Iran

2008           Art Cologne, Gallery Löhrl, Mönchengladbach, Germany

2006           Art Forum Berlin, Gallery Dörrie&Priess, Hamburg, Germany


Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin, Germany

Collection of the !9th - 21th Century, Museum Kassel, Germany

City Museum Oldenburg, Germany

and different private collectors

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